Diddy Is Facing Two New Lawsuits Accusing Him Of Sexual Assault And More

Last week, Cassie and Diddy reached a settlement regarding her lawsuit that accused him of sexual assault. Now, though, Diddy is facing two new lawsuits from other women.

As NBC News reports, Joie Dickerson-Neal filed her suit in the New York Supreme Court yesterday (November 23). In it, she accuses Diddy of drugging her via a drink she left unattended at a restaurant where they were having dinner together, in 1991. He then allegedly took her to a place where he was staying, where he sexually assaulted her.

The lawsuit also alleges Dickerson-Neal is a “revenge porn” victim, as Diddy allegedly recorded the alleged sexual assault and showed it to others.

Dickerson-Neal’s filing said it was Cassie’s lawsuit that “forced her to face his assault again.” Ultimately, the lawsuit accuses Diddy of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sex trafficking, and revenge porn. She is seeking compensatory damages for mental and emotional injury, distress, pain and suffering, and injury.

In response to Dickerson’s lawsuit (which was filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act before its expiration on November 24), a Diddy spokesperson told XXL, “This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how a well-intentioned law can be turned on its head. Ms. Dickerson’s 32-year-old story is made up and not credible. Mr. Combs never assaulted her, and she implicates companies that did not exist. This is purely a money grab and nothing more.”

Rolling Stone also reports about a different new lawsuit filed against Diddy. The alleged incident at the center of the complaint is said to have taken place in 1990 or 1991, when Diddy and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall alleged took turns raping the Jane Doe plaintiff and her friend.

The lawsuit claims of an incident that took place at Hall’s apartment after an MCA Records-hosted event, “While at Hall’s apartment, Jane Doe was offered more drinks and was coerced into having sex with [Sean] Combs. After Combs finished doing his business, Jane Doe laid in bed, shocked and traumatized. As she was in the process of getting dressed, Hall barged into the room, pinned her down and forced Jane Doe to have sex with him.”

Days later, Diddy allegedly visited the home where Doe and her friend were staying and got violent: “He was irate and began assaulting and choking Jane Doe to the point that she passed out. Combs was searching for Jane Doe’s friend because he was worried that she would tell the girl he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them.”