Diddy Gave The Publishing Rights Back To Several Former Bad Boy Records Artists, But Users Online Are Divided On The Decision

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been known by many aliases throughout his decades-long career, including Puffy, Puff Daddy, and P. Diddy. However, his newest persona, Brother Love, is the main motivating factor behind one of his latest business moves.

According to Billboard, Diddy has given several former Bad Boy Records artists the rights back to their music publishing. Of the once robust roster, the publication could only confirm that Mase, Faith Evans, The LOX, 112, and the Estate of the Notorious B.I.G. were amongst the grantees.

Last week (September 1), rapper Cam’ron let it slip that his longtime friend and It Is What It Is co-host Mase was awarded his publishing back from Diddy after several years of fighting for it. Now, with Billboard’s report, it has been officially verified.

As joyous as the announcement was for the artists, impacted users online were divided on the mogul’s decision to reassign them their rights after such a long time.

“Bad Boy turning 30. Legally, at 35 years, all rights revert back to artists and writers. He held them for 30/35 years, and most likely, those songs aren’t generating the type of income it has in the past. So basically…sounds good,” wrote one user.

Another posted a screengrab of Section 203 of the Copyright Act that further explained the duration of rights to creative works, writing, “Diddy ain’t slick 🤣.”

While others applauded Diddy for his actions.

“* WE NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME! @Diddy, it took many years, but you finally did the right thing 🙏🏾✨,” penned one person.

“Very big deal,” exclaimed another.

Another, shocked by the news, wrote, “Whaaaaaat?! Wow! Ok. I’m glad he did that. That’s a huge step. Black Jesus must have spoken to his heart.”

Regardless of the reason, just as Diddy is entering a new era with the release of his upcoming album, The Love Album, his legacy label might be doing the same.

The Love Album: Off The Grid is due 9/15 through Love Records and Motown. Find more information here.