The Mother Of Diddy’s Surprise Baby Was Revealed

After shocking the world with the recent announcement that he would have his seventh child, Diddy set social media abuzz, with fans wondering who the mother of the Harlem entrepreneur’s baby girl, Love Sean Combs was.

TMZ reports that the Diddy secret baby momma is a 28-year-old cybersecurity specialist named Dana Tran.

Tran, who also goes by Dana Tee online, social media presence has been absent for some time now. So far, the only information available about the woman is her occupation and that she is a native of the Southern California area. Diddy and his team have not shared the status of his relationship with Tran nor the extent of their relationship.

The baby news caught fans, and his rumored girlfriend, City Grils rapper Yung Miami, by surprise.

“I’m so blessed to welcome my baby girl Love Sean Combs to the world,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday (December 11). “Mama Combs, Quincy, Justin, Christian, Chance, D’Lila, Jessie, and myself all love you so much! God is the Greatest!”

Miami has yet to make a public statement about Diddy’s recent announcement, but she has been embroiled in a nasty spat with DJ Akademiks online, where he referred to Miami as Diddy’s “side chick,” which obviously didn’t go over too well.

“I’M NOBODY SIDE B*TCH LETS JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR ON THIS GOOD MONDAY! I don’t come 2nd to no b*tch!” the rapper tweeted on Monday (December 12). She followed up her statements by saying, “Akademiks, my name ain’t d*ck, so keep it out your mouth!!! You the type of N**** my uncle doing life sentences for B*TCH ASS N****!!!!!”

Miami continued directing shots at the social media personality and alleged that Akademiks was “harassing” her online, writing, “It’s cool for a MAN to constantly harass me online that I don’t know! he did the same sh*t when my car got shot up he laughed when I almost lost my life find somebody else to play with! I can react how tf I want to!”