DJ Mustard And Migos’ Flashy ‘Pure Water’ Video Is A Messy Paintball Fight

Sometimes, all you need for a good music video is some strobe lights and a ridiculous, but fun concept. That’s exactly what Mustard and Migos put into effect for their “Pure Water” video, packing out the clip with vivacious models but turning the trope on its head by giving them a bucket of paint-filled water balloons and letting them go crazy. By the end of the video, everything from the models to the walls of the soundstage are awash with splatters of color — all except the icy principles, of course. There’s not a speck on their blinding white coveralls as they two-step their way through the mess, seemingly having just as much as the paintball fighters.

The Colin Tilley-directed video also features some colorful solo tableaus for each Migos member to rap their verses alongside the supportive Mustard, from a beached boat scene for Offset to Takeoff‘s rescue and safety-themed set up, complete with an ambulance and hi-visibility gear for himself and the California super producer. The versatile, club-oriented jam also makes the perfect backdrop for Mustard’s eight-year-old son to flex some dance moves worthy of both Fortnite and the Vine stars Fortnite stole all its dances from.

Mustard is working on his as-yet-untitled album, due out later this year. Migos are working on Culture III after spending most of the past year releasing solo albums.