DMX Looks Healthier Than Ever After He Gained 40 Lbs In Rehab Eating Cap’n Crunch

DMX is looking healthier than ever after a stint in rehab where, according to the quick exchange with TMZ above, his diet consisted of delicious breakfast cereal. When asked how he managed to gain back 40 lbs. after becoming scarily reedy just a while ago, X responded that he’s been eating a lot of Cap’n Crunch, a choice I personally commend. The Mount Vernon, New York rapper also denied that he’d be staying in his rehab program when prompted by the TMZ cameraman.

It’s good to see the once-legendary rapper on the upswing after the legal troubles and personal issues that have him facing up to 44 years in prison for tax fraud — a charge which he has since pleaded “not guilty” to. Now that he’s eating better and addressing the health issues that forced him to cancel a few shows earlier this year, perhaps the onetime rap great can start making a return to performing and living up to his reputation of putting on one hell of a show, which should put a little more money in his pockets to help out with his reported debt problems.

For comparison purposes, you can see the previous video from TMZ where DMX looked much thinner than he does now.