Fans Think Logic’s New Artist Doctor Destruction Is Actually Logic In Disguise

Logic announced he was retiring from releasing music back in July with his final album No Pressure. He originally stated that his retirement was a decision he made in order to focus on being a father to his newborn child, but he clarified he was going to continue making music as his way to “express” himself. Now, a masked artist has popped up on Logic’s Bobby Boy label with a new song — and some fans are convinced it’s just Logic in disguise.

Bobby Boy’s newest signee Doctor Destruction linked up with Del The Funky Homosapien and Ghostface Killah for the triumphant track “Bounty Law.” While he’s officially begun to release music, Doc D is keeping his true identity under wraps. Instead of showing his face, Doc D sports a menacing blue mask, which some fans say is reminiscent of the late MF DOOM.

After “Bounty Law” officially dropped Thursday, fans have begun to speculate that Doc Destruction is actually Logic under a different moniker. “It’s logic with his voice run thru an fx board of sorts and it’s shifting the pitch,” one fan commented under the song on Bobby Boy’s YouTube video, pointing to what Madlib did with his alter ego side project, Quasimodo. He wouldn’t be the first; DOOM himself had multiple alter egos, while Del was one of several MCs who created the side project Deltron 3030, while Kool Keith’s list of alter egos is nearly a dozen names long.

Listen to Doctor Destruction’s “Bounty Law” with Del The Funky Homosapien and Ghostface Killah above.