Doja Cat Blames Her ADHD For Constantly Changing Her Album Title: ‘I’m Good At Doing Things Last Minute’

Doja Cat has said her new record will be influenced by rave music, then that it’d be R&B, then predominantly rap. Similarly, she’s continued to backpedal on album titles. It started with Hellmouth, then became Moist Holes, and then First Of All.

At the Patrón El Cielo launch party in New York City, the “Woman” singer discussed her new album more. Insider asked her how she picks an album title, and she predictably answered, “Good God. I don’t know.”

She elaborated, “I put my ADHD kind of on display — by accident, I guess,” she said. “I thought that Hellmouth was the name of the album, but then it wasn’t. But I’m good at doing things last minute. So I’ve been firing off random stuff and reading comments and seeing how people receive it and then, you know, saying ‘no’ a lot. ‘Just kidding.'”

“I do think that I finally have a title,” she said, “It’s not First Of All.”

Later in the interview she explained her aesthetic. “It fluctuates. I can’t really define what it is,” she said. “But musically, I’ve been trying to go back and sort of pull from things that were huge influences to me as a kid. You know, like jazz influences and stuff like that. So that’s been a big inspiration for me lately and sort of a defining characteristic of my music.”