Here’s The Meaning Behind Doja Cat’s ‘Agora Hills’

Doja Cat made “Agora Hills” one of the singles from her recent album, Scarlet. In the song, she discusses her romantic feelings for a lover and how she just wants to show them off. Doja also rejects any outside thoughts because of how well she’s being treated.

And while she hasn’t spoken directly about the song’s meaning, her lyrics still make the intentions quite clear.

“Be my security, it’s your therapy / With you, I ain’t holding sh*t back / When I need my space, you give that / When he broke my heart, you fixed that,” she says. “With a long walk on the beach / Love it when they honk-honk on the street (beep) / When they see us zoom by in the Jeep (yeah) / We a whole damn joint, we a energy.”

Still, fans on Reddit’s Doja Cat subreddit were left wondering about the meaning behind the video, as one poster felt it didn’t quite connect to building an album narrative like “Paint The Town Red” and “Demons” did.

Commenters responded with their own interpretations of her “Agora Hills” visual, with one suggesting she was being “reborn” as “the new Doja” and another wondering if it references an anime.

Check out “Agora Hills” above to decide for yourself.