Doja Cat Is Super Into New ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn And Asked One Of His Co-Stars For DM Help

In late May, UK actor Joseph Quinn had himself a moment with his show-stealing role of Eddie Munson on the fourth season of Stranger Things. He instantly endeared himself to many, including Doja Cat, who tweeted days after the season premiere, “joseph quinn fine as sh*t.” It turns out Doja wanted to do more than just shout him out on Twitter, as she went as far as going through his Stranger Things co-stars to try to get in touch with him.

Last night, Noah Schnapp (aka Will Byers) took to TikTok to share a DM conversation he and Doja had on Instagram. It starts with Doja saying, “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu,” then adding, “wait no. does he have a gf?” Schnapp responds, “LMAOO slide into his dms.” Doja replies, “idk his ig or twitter,” adding, “he doesn’t have a dm to slide in.” Schnapp then directs Doja to Quinn’s Instagram account and adds, “Right here ma’am,” and that ends the conversation.

Meanwhile, Quinn recently spoke about his big Metallica moment in the season finale, telling Entertainment Weekly of the scene, “I was playing [the song] on the day. We had a backing track and I was playing along with it. I wouldn’t wanna mess with what they’ve already got, but it was very useful to be able to play along character-wise. It’s a pretty adolescent fantasy to be a rockstar, isn’t it? I felt like one for a night. It was great having Gaten [Matarazzo] up there with me. They really turned it up when they played ‘Master Of Puppets’ and the whole crew were there. It was the first time that everyone felt like they were seeing live music — I say ‘live music’ — since the pandemic. So it felt like a real celebration.”