Dominic Fike Quite Literally Bared All Onstage At His Los Angeles Concert

Dominic Fike is baring all. Not only on his second studio album, Sunburn, or in the revealing interviews he’s given during the rollout, but also, onstage. Fans at Fike’s Los Angeles concert last night (August 9) got quite a show, as he briefly (no pun intended) undressed on stage, as he was switching outfits.

In a clip captured by fans, Fike is seen removing his shirt and pants, stripping down to nothing but his skivvies and socks.

Fike later shared the clip to his Instagram story, captioning the video “Thanks la I’ll be back home soon.”

This summer has proven to be a breakthrough season for Fike. In addition to his tour, he released Sunburn in July, and also contributed to the Barbie soundtrack.

In an interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, Fike admitted that while he’s garnered much of a large following — particularly since his role on HBO’s Euphoria — he’s a little bit uncomfortable with fame.

“…if it were up to just me, you would never see me on [social media],” said Fike. “I mean, I would use it just for drunk posts at 3:00 AM, ‘f*cking killed this boy in Smash.’ Like dumb sh*t. Because I never think to make a post about a song that I released, that’s just not in my DNA. I don’t know. I’m never like, ‘Oh, got to post about this sh*t that I made last night.'”

You can see a clip from the LA show above.