Don Toliver Gushed About His Singer Girlfriend Kali Uchis During His Nardwuar Interview: ‘She’s Amazing’

Don Toliver may rap all about being lovesick on his latest studio album; however, in real life, he has quite a healthy romantic life. The musician doesn’t hold back from collaborating with fellow acts such as Travis Scott and Justin Bieber, but the one that holds closest to his heart is the ongoing one with his girlfriend, singer Kali Uchis.

The pair have collaborated on multi songs in the past, including “4 Me” and “Drugs N Hella Melodies,” but during his interview with Nardwuar, the rapper gushed about her.

While handing Toliver a few April March albums to gift Uchis, when asked about their song, “4 Me,” Toliver said, “She’s amazing. I love her artistry! Her artistry is beyond.” He then continued to take a moment to promote Uchis’ new album, Red Moon In Venus, which was released on Friday (March 3).

“She’s actually dropping an interview tonight. I’m really excited,” replied Toliver.

Toliver has no problem playing into the stereotypical rapper persona, flexing a fictional playboy lifestyle in his music videos, but as shown in this interview, he is more of a hopeless romantic than a stone-cold ladies’ man.

Watch the full interview above.

Don Toliver is a Warner Music artist. .