Drake Unexpectedly Released ‘8AM In Charlotte’ Exclusively On Social Media Via An Adorable Adonis-Featuring Video

Drake’s new project, For All The Dogs, is scheduled to drop just hours from now, but Drake came through with a pre-album surprise late last night/early this morning (October 5): He released the video for “8AM In Charlotte” exclusively on his Instagram page (OVO Sound posted it on X (formerly Twitter), too.)

The six-minute visual starts with Drake’s son Adonis explaining a drawing he made, which appears to be the same one from which the For All The Dogs cover art originated. Off-camera, Drake instructs, “Adonis, tell me about your beautiful piece of artwork that you sold me.” From there, Adonis tells a winding story about all the elements in the drawing, about a goat running away from monsters, a flower, a race car, some stairs, and more.

Drake then asks, “Do you want to talk about how much money you got for your beautiful drawing?” Adonis gives a dismissive, “Oh, please,” which got a laugh from Drake.

The visual then gets into the actual song, which features Drake rapping along to the track as he and Adonis dance and strike poses along to the song.

Watch the “8AM In Charlotte” video above.

For All The Dogs is out 10/6 via OVO Sound.