Fans Are Fawning Over Drake’s Video Of Adonis ‘Teaching’ Him French

Drake’s relationship with his son Adonis generates plenty of amusing, entertaining, and downright adorable content these days, especially as the three-year-old begins to develop more of his personality and understand what his dad does for a living. He’s also getting quite mischievous, as Drake’s latest video with Adonis shows.

Opening with a playful debate about whether or not Adonis will be “bigger” than Drake when he gets to be Drake’s age (there appears to be some confusion on whether that means physically or in terms of cultural impact), the video takes a slightly dark turn when Adonis asks whether his dad wants to learn some French. Adonis has likely been learning from his mom, Sophie Brussaux, a French painter and former model who shares custody with Drake (also, French is big in Canada, so Adonis being bilingual couldn’t hurt).

While teaching his dad some French words, Adonis also appears to be roasting his pops’ advancing years (kids always think everybody older than them is a dinosaur), reminding him that he’s inching closer to death every day — although, when he’s asked to translate, he puts it into much nicer terms. Drake seems pretty amused, though, catching Adonis’ prank and cracking up over it as the video ends. Check out the video below.