Drake Pop-Locking To Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Is A Must-Watch

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift had that funny Apple Music commercial where she fell while running on the treadmill, rapping along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” Well Drizzy returned the love with his own Apple Music commercial that debuted at the American Music Awards Sunday night and it’s pretty hilarious.

The commercial starts with Drake at the gym and throwing on Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” as soon as his trainer bounces. Then we see Papi lip-syncing for his life to his rumored girlfriend’s hit record. The man dances and even pop-locks in the mirror while giving it his entire all. Feel pumped-up and motivated, Drake takes it back to his workout bench, bench-pressing what I’m estimating is about 89735 pounds. Barely though because after struggling with one rep, the What A Time To Be Alive rapper damn near breaks his neck trying to get another rep in. Apparently, Taylor’s “Bad Blood” is just that “distractingly good.”

The funny clip is just another story to add to Drake and Taylor Swift’s rumored romance. The two were allegedly spotted looking boo’d up at Drake’s birthday party. And then they were spotted in the studio together. Then came rumors Taylor’s working on an “edgy” and urban hip-hop/R&B album that Drake’s allegedly helping her with. Guess we’ll find out more soon.