Drake Raps In Spanish On Bad Bunny’s New Reggaeton Hit ‘Mia’

It’s been a long-standing joke online that Drake was due to enter his fully Latin final form anytime and now he has, thanks to reggaeton star Bad Bunny‘s lively new single, “Mia.” Drake appears in the video alongside the singer to deliver a full verse in Spanish, finally living up to the “Papi” part of his IG handle.

The video has a simple but effective framework directed by Fernando Lugo, and a familiar one: Bad Bunny and Drake throw a Puerto Rican flag-draped house party shutting down a residential block with dozens of women to dance in the yard, the driveway, and the street.

Drake, whose reputation for genre-hopping over the years has become one of the many types of fuel used in jokes about him, acquits himself well with the Spanish lyrics. His already expansive reach is sure to grow with the addition of the reggaeton market to his collection of styles, which could extend his reign over radio even after his latest album Scorpion sparked whispers of Drake fatigue among some listeners.

Meanwhile, Drake will also address his own eventual retirement from the game on a new episode of LeBron James’ HBO show The Shop when he questions how LeBron will know when it’s time to walk away.