Drake Instructed Concertgoers Not To Throw Bras On Stage, But The Temporary Cease-Fire Was For A Good Reason

In July, in an attempt to find a reasonable compromise with concertgoers, Drake declared that during his It’s A Blur Tour, he would allow fans to throw things on stage. However, the only acceptable items were bras. For weeks fans obliged his narrow request, and for one large-chested woman, it has reportedly landed her an offer from Playboy. But on Saturday, August 12, during night one of his performances at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, Drake called for a temporary cease-fire of unmentionables.

After attendees began tossing their garments on stage, instead of basking in the articles of clothing, Drake walked over to brush them off the stage with his foot. He then revealed that he couldn’t practice one of his favorite tour traditions because there was a special guest in the house. “I can’t talk about titties tonight in LA because my son (Adonis) is at the show for the first time ever,” Drake instructed the crowd. “So, we’re going to keep this real PG tonight. Y’all, keep your bras on.”

Although the decision may have been hard for Drake to cope with, it was ultimately the right call. Drake himself is a certified lover boy, but his adorable five-year-old, the muse for several of Drake’s tattoos, shouldn’t be exposed to that aspect of life on tour just yet. Plenty of tour dates remain; one tame night won’t hurt.