Drake Fired Back At Known Misogynist Andrew Tate’s Comments That Questioned The Masculinity Of Canadian Men

Drake‘s been accused of his fair share of “soft” misogyny but he certainly wasn’t going to take derogatory comments from hardcore misogynist Andrew Tate. Tate, who was arrested and accused of human trafficking in Romania late last year, derided men from Canada in a recent episode of his podcast, and Drake didn’t take too kindly to having his manhood questioned.

Tate’s comments are usually vile in general, but in this case, he was just straight-up rude and wrong. “There’s no men in Canada,” he asserted. “Imagine being from Canada. Imagine saying, ‘I’m a man.’ ‘From where?’ ‘From Canada.’ What? That doesn’t go together. You’re not, bruv. Of course not. There’s no men in Canada.”

Drake didn’t mince words with his response, commenting under the video, “Green light” — a reference to putting a hit on someone.

Of course, were you to ask Drake’s detractors like Azealia Banks, Joe Budden, and Pusha T, this is pointless posturing on his part, but again, that could just be due to the “nice guy” reputation Canada has cultivated over the years, despite participating in the same sorts of genocide as the nation’s neighbors to the south (and let it be known that Canada’s ratio of guns to human beings rivals the US’s. The murder rate’s just lower because they have free health care).

Does Drake actually have the power to put a “green light” on the podcaster? That doesn’t seem likely — he did add a laughing emoji, after all. Maybe recording For All The Dogs and hanging out with 21 Savage just has him feeling tough lately.