Drake Issues A Perfect, Wordless Response To Critics Of His Courtside Behavior

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For basketball fans — especially those of the Toronto Raptors — watching Drake prowl the sidelines like an over-caffeinated AAU mom can be one of the highlights of the game. However, not everyone has taken kindly to the team ambassador‘s sideline skylarking. Both Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer and Octagon Basketball agency exec Georgios Dimitropoulos have spoken out against his goofy behavior, which has included taunting rival players and giving weird, impromptu shoulder rubs to Raptors coach Nick Nurse after a particularly good play.

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Drake, no stranger to criticism, responded in his usual Drake fashion — by turning the fault-finding against him into a meme. Rather than issuing a long-winded interview or confrontational tweet, Drake instead posted a series of pics of his most amusing sideline reactions to Instagram, complete with an emojis-only caption that subtly shaded his critics and avoided making any overt commentary. Selecting a laughing emoji, a salt shaker, and a shrugging man, Drake seems to be saying that the Bucks-associated commenters are only salty because their team lost the last, series-tying game against the Raptors by a sizable margin — 120-102. Within the same post, he also included a photo shaking hands with Raptors guard Fred VanVleet, split-screening it with the ever-popular Pointing Spider-Men meme, which highlighted the men’s resemblance and underlined Drake’s willingness to be the butt of the joke.


Drake also posted a screenshot from a comment on one of the many posts about Budenholzer’s quote on Instagram, wherein he liked a fan’s comment that “if you don’t want the opposing team to celebrate and dance, prevent them from scoring, winning, or achieving their objective.” He may not appreciate giving the Bucks that reminder later tonight, when the teams face off once again, this time in Milwaukee on the Bucks’ home court. After all, even he acknowledges that the “Drake Curse” might be real, and you can bet if the Raps lose, he’ll be taking the heat as well.