Drake Becomes Sexyy Red’s ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ In Their New VHS-Style Video That’s A Throwback Slice Of Life

Sexyy Red gave birth recently, and she, Drake, and SZA decided to make that the foundation for their new “Rich Baby Daddy” video that dropped last night (February 14).

The Drake-directed clip starts with himself behind the camcorder, showing off his suburban neighborhood before heading inside to his pregnant wife, Red. The music kicks in at around 45 seconds and shows Drake, Sexyy, and SZA enjoying a holiday celebration in their humble home. The music cuts back out at 2:17 into the video, when Red shouts at Drake from across the house, letting him know that her water broke.

The music returns as the three head to the hospital, where the video shifts away from its VHS style and starts looking more modern, as Sexyy gives birth and friends and family celebrate the new arrival. Before the video ends, we see footage from after Red’s actual, real-life childbirth, as she holds her baby and on-screen text reads, “Congratulations Red!!! We Love You.”

Speaking of hospitals, at a recent St. Louis concert, Drake offered to pay for a fan’s upcoming operation, saying from the stage, “You got a sign out that says, ‘Please help me with my surgery.’ I don’t know what kind of surgery you need, sir. I really don’t, but I’ma let you know: From me to you, St. Louis love, we gonna take care of whatever the surgery is.”

Watch the “Rich Baby Daddy” video above.