Duckwrth Channels Disco’s Heyday In His Vibrant ‘Coming Closer’ Video

LA-based Duckwrth is on his way to releasing his major-label debut studio album following a handful of mixtapes. The rapper has teased his next release with a few singles, opting to bring other rising musicians along with him. Since his last EP, Duckwrth has shared “Find A Way,” “Crush,” and “Play Too Much.” Now, the rapper returns with a video accompanying his most recent single, “Coming Closer,” featuring Juliana Romana and G.L.A.M.

Directed by Grizzlee Arts, the vibrant visual channels the aesthetics of ’70s disco. The visual is composed of close-up shots and bright hues, offering an intimate look at the musician’s entrancing moves as he dances across the screen with his collaborator G.L.A.M.

Duckwrth adds in a special treat for his fans at the video’s close. The rapper teases his next single with a 40-second snippet of an unreleased song he labels as a “nice little snack” for his followers.

The musician is reportedly releasing his debut album in August but has yet to unveil specifics about his upcoming record. In anticipation of the big project, Duckwrth has broke ground on his own NTS radio show with Channel Tres. Titled SuperGood Nights, the rapper’s month-long radio show will feature a compilation of his favorite music and possibly a first-hand look at his debut record.

Watch Duckwrth’s “Coming Closer” video with Julia Romana above.