James Corden Butchered Elton John’s Songs On Keyboard In Front Of The Rock Legend

While it is sad to think that in the coming years, Elton John will be retiring from touring, the good news is that we still have plenty of Elton to look forward to until he hangs up his coat. The beloved piano-playing rocker still has loads of dates on his massive tour, and was on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night promoting them.

And what better way to celebrate John’s unbelievable career than a game of James That Tune. What is James That Tune, you ask? Well, it is basically just like Name That Tune, the popular old game show, except that the songs are performed by Corden on keyboard. Oh, and Corden doesn’t know how to play the instrument in the slightest.

Still, Sir Elton was up for the task — with the help of the ageless Sharon Stone — and managed to do pretty well despite the songs barely even resembling their recorded versions. It is interesting to see Corden fumble his way through the basic rhythms of the tunes, and just how much actually knowing how to play piano effects how the songs sound.

Check out the video of Elton John playing James That Tune above, and look for him on his farewell tour in a city near you.