Elton John Storms Off Stage Mid-Performance Thanks To Some Unruly Fans: ‘You F**ked It Up!’

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Saturday night’s alright for fighting, but unless you have permission, there’s no night where it’s okay to take liberties with Elton John‘s performance. Fans in attendance at the knighted pop legend’s Vegas show needed to be reminded of this rule after some unpleasantness that John exiting the stage.

While hammering out his 1973 classic “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” with a gaggle of fans onstage, John was clearly fed up with one fan in his personal space that appeared to be getting too close for comfort. A slice of video shared by TMZ captures the moment which saw the frustrated entertainer hit his limit and decide to leave the stage.

The Kingsman 2 co-star would return to the stage to play “Circle of Life” with the audience back in their seats, but John had a declaration for those in attendance.

“No more coming on stage on ‘Saturday Night,’” he proclaimed. “You f*cked it up.”

This wasn’t the first time Sir Elton has had an unwelcome obstacle while playing “Saturday Night.” A few weeks back, he was smacked in the face with what appeared to be Mardi Gras beads.

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Let this be a reminder to read the room when you’re a fan in attendance. It’s not a coincidence that F*cked Up and Elton John have very different approaches to onstage interactions. Elton’s battled drug addiction, homophobia and career ups-n-downs, so who could blame him for trimming out bullsh*t?

(Via TMZ & The Guardian)