Eminem’s New Album ‘Revival’ Finally Gets A Solid Release Date

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Use as prescribed by your doctor. @eminem

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Eminem’s long-awaited, much-speculated-about album, Revival, finally has an official release date — for real this time. Album executive producer Dr. Dre revealed the release date with a cleverly-produced Instagram video mimicking a pharmaceutical ad, which matches the other promotional materials that have surfaced over the album’s two-month gestation period.

The rollout has been an exhaustive affair, with multiple members of the Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records family getting involved, from Paul Rosenberg to Denaun Porter, and featured a number of false starts and red herrings that had fans expecting a release date much earlier in the year and wondering if the somewhat muted reception for album single “Walk On Water” featuring Beyonce had caused it to be pushed back.

However, all that speculation is purely academic now. According to “Trevor,” the pharmaceutical employee portrayed in the satirical ad for Em’s new album, we’ll only have to wait until December 15th to find out whether or not Revival will live up to the hype generated by Trump-baiting freestyles and breathless conjecture. All of that may have been part of the plan all along, though, if “Trevor’s” monologue is to be believed. As he says in the clip, Eminem likes to keep people guessing.