Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Got Engaged To Her Longtime Boyfriend

For as long as Eminem has been a fixture of the rap landscape, so has his daughter Hailie. The Detroit rapper would regularly mention his daughter in his songs; his viral beef with Machine Gun Kelly in 2017 was largely the result of flirtatious remarks MGK had made about Hailie a few years prior.

She’s taken the fame in stride, launching her Just a Little Shady podcast in July of 2022 to talk about her experiences growing up around the music industry and talking about her upbringing — which Eminem went to great lengths to ensure was as normal as possible, despite his high-profile job.

But it might surprise some rap fans who feel they’ve gotten to know Miss Mathers through her dad’s music that “daddy’s little girl” is a grown-ass woman now. In fact, over the weekend, she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock, posting photos of his proposal to her Instagram on Monday.

Hailie is the second of Eminem’s daughters to get engaged; in 2021, Hailie’s adopted sister Alaina Scott also posted her longtime boyfriend’s proposal. Alaina was one of the first people in the comments of Hailie’s post to congratulate her, writing, “couldn’t be happier for the two of you. can’t wait to do this chapter of life with you guys.”

Eminem, who is notoriously bad at social media, probably just congratulated her in real life.