Eminem Trolled Fans With A ‘New Album’ Announcement For April Fools’ Day — But, Of Course, There’s A Catch

Eminem fans have impatiently awaited news of a new album from the Detroit rap icon for nearly four years. He last released new music in 2020 with his eleventh studio album Music To Be Murdered By and its extended edition, Side B. While that project totaled 33 songs, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy fans’ cravings for another complete collection. While Em has offered appetizers here and there — “Doomsday 2” and “Lace It” spring to mind — he hasn’t acknowledged the hunger for a full-length project until now.

Of course, your mileage with this “new album” may vary depending on your tolerance for revisiting catalog… uhhh… classics. And for April Fools’ jokes.

Oh yeah, sorry, Eminem fans but the “new album” the Rap God is pushing is actually the oldest one in his discography: his independently released 1996 debut studio album, Infinite, which was his introduction to the Detroit rap scene at large. However, the album didn’t receive much pickup outside the Motor City due in part to comparisons of the young Eminem to influences like AZ, Big L, and Nas. While it received mixed reviews at the time — and in retrospect — it offers a rare glimpse at an earnest, developing Eminem, without some of the quirks that would later become his signatures.

Fans have hoped that the album would make it to streaming, but it looks like Eminem’s joke remains a joke — at least, for now. Some are taking it well; others… not so much. Check out Em’s tongue-in-cheek trailer for Infinite‘s “release” below.