Feist’s Refuses To Do The Expected On Her Washed Out New Song ‘Pleasure’

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If you were looking for more cutesy indie-pop from Feist — the sort of stuff that made her a household name in the late aughts — you might want to look elsewhere. There are plenty of imitators who have sprung up in the singer-songwriter’s long absence to make money off of the sound she helped push into the mainstream consciousness (with no small help from Apple). But she’s not playing that game anymore.

The title track from Feist’s upcoming album Pleasure is many things: a constantly shifting and endlessly building composition, a vocal workout of a song that splits time between full-out wailing and deadpan Liz Phairian addresses to the listener, and a guitar-driven rock number. But what it most definitely is not is twee.

The guitars in the song shift from lightweight plucking to downright feral depending on the mood set by Leslie Fiest’s voice. Where just seconds before there was a layered arangement of lovely voices, suddenly there will be a snarling guitar and a wave of stomps and claps. It’s a lot to wrap your head around. It’s also great. And it bodes well for Feist’s first release in six years. Give it a listen up top.

Pleasure is out April 28 via Universal.