Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham And McVie Help Jimmy Fallon Warm Hearts By Covering ‘Don’t Stop’ With Kid Instruments

Jimmy Fallon has invited a variety of stars into The Tonight Show’s kid instrument room over the years, including Metallica and Adele. What’s been missing is the kids for the most part, at least since the memorable Christmas edition with Mariah Carey. So it was clearly a special moment when actual kids return to play kid instruments, especially when it turns out to be for a good cause.

The kids in question are from SeriousFun — part of Paul Newman’s network of camps for children with serious illnesses and their families — and they get the chance to sing a pretty uplifting song alongside Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. They have a self-titled album out which is essentially a Fleetwood Mac album without the presence of Stevie Nicks, so their appearance here serves a dual role. But it isn’t the first time Fallon has shown support for SeriousFun — donating the proceeds from his Ben And Jerry’s flavor to the camp back in 2015 — so the real treat is for them. SeriousFun got its start 30 years ago according to their official site, with the creation of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. It still operates today as its own camp, but it has been joined by several other camps and programs to bring the total to 30. According to the site, Paul Newman wanted to create a place “where kids could escape the fear and isolation of their medical conditions” and “raise a little hell.”

Buckingham and McVie lead the group in a rendition of “Don’t Stop” and you really couldn’t pick a better song for the moment. Maybe “Holiday Road,” but it moves a little too quick for everybody to keep up. Also, you can deny the positivity in the song. McVie originally wrote the song about her divorce from Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, but it’s evolved since then to become a political anthem and a slice of good feelings. Not a bad choice.

(Via The Tonight Show)