Flo Milli’s Muse Is A 7-Eleven Slurpee On ‘Anything Flows’ Featuring Maiya The Don, 2Rare, And Kari Faux

Flo Milli has done a lot of collaborating this year. The 23-year-old rapper worked with Saucy Santana on “Whole Family” or Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don on the “Conceited” remix. Now she’s back with a bigger, more iconic group effort.

For 7-Eleven, Flo Milli teamed up with Maiya The Don again, as well as 2Rare and Kari Faux for the new track “Anything Flows” produced by Nova Wav. The music video directed by Warren Fu is full of color and Slurpees. Plus, everyone’s outfits are impeccable and memorable, and the choreography is spot-on. The infectious track has Milli’s clever and fun flair, only made better and more catchy with the other rappers who she has obvious chemistry with.

Earlier this year, Milli worked with American Express on a partnership. “American Express and Depop are bringing my personal style to life this festival season and I’m so excited to be part of the first collection.” Flo Milli shared in a statement. “Through both my music and fashion, I always aim to express myself with authenticity and creativity. I can’t wait for Depop users to shop my festival-ready looks, featuring bold, glam pieces with Y2K and grunge influence.”

Listen to “Anything Flows” above.