Foxing’s Founding Bass Player Wrote A Heartfelt Farewell Letter To The Band And Fans That Saved Him

Just over a year after the release of their well-received sophomore album Dealer, Foxing’s founding bass player has announced that he will be stepping away from the band. In a heartfelt letter posted to the band’s Facebook, Coll announced that he will be parting ways with the St. Louis emo band in order to pursue filmmaking and finish up his film education. Over the last few years, Coll has written and directed impressive videos for his own band, as well as bands like You Blew It.

In his letter, Coll recounts connecting with Foxing’s vocalist Conor Murphy during his time spent serving in Afghanistan, deciding to start a band, and even finalizing their first t-shirt designs before Coll stepped back onto American soil. He then goes on to elaborate upon all of the ways that Foxing positively affected his left, essentially saving him from himself upon his return from the military. Check out the full statement below.

Hello, this is Josh,
I’m writing this to say that my time in Foxing has come to an end. I’ve decided that the best path for my future is to part ways with the band in order to pursue filmmaking, and my education in film, full time.
Foxing had our first practice in 2011, a month after I returned home from Afghanistan; however, I had desperately been trying to form the band while I was still serving overseas. I vividly remember the first time I contacted Conor in order to ask him if he was interested in starting a project. I was on a secure internet line, talking about music with a kid I hardly knew, in the middle of an enemy mortar strike. It’s funny now looking back at the idea of trying to start a band while incoming sirens blare loudly in the distance. Even funnier is thinking about the fact that we had our first shirt design before I even took a step back onto American soil. So wild.
Things like this feel crazy in hindsight, but it was these future plans that served as a light at the end of a dark tunnel. I think that at the end of such a harrowing and traumatic year, after seeing so much destruction and pain, I felt that coming home intact was a gift, and that I needed to do something good with that gift I was given. I’d like to think that I made good on that.
The majority of my 20’s were spent with the band. I gave my life, my heart, and energy to Foxing—what I was given in return ended up being much more than I ever put in. I can say with confidence that if it had not been for Foxing, and for my four brothers in the band, I would not be here today. Foxing gave me a purpose, and its members me gave me friendship and a sense of family, even though I oftentimes deserved neither. It may be an overused sentiment, but I can say in no uncertain terms that Foxing saved my life.
I’m so proud of the band, both for what it means to the fans and for what it means to me. I’m proud of what we accomplished. Furthermore, I feel so fortunate to know each member, to be able to call them my friends. I will continue to support them from the bleachers in whatever way I can.
In closing, to my hunter-gatherer bash-brother Jon, to Conor, Eric, and Ricky, I love you. To everyone else, I’ll see you around.

Foxing’s Dealer is out now on Triple Crown Records.