Freddie Gibbs Explains How He Squashed His Beef With Jeezy At The Airport

Although a sizeable chunk of Freddie Gibbs’ 2022 has been consumed with beef with Benny The Butcher, during a recent interview, Gibbs explained how he ended his other long-running feud with Jeezy after crossing paths at an airport. As Fred told Bootleg Kev on the DJ’s podcast, the Gary, Indiana rapper ran into his former label boss (Gibbs briefly signed to Jeezy’s CTE World in 2011, but left the label sometime in 2012) and his wife Jeannie Mae and said the two “shook hands and hugged and was just like, ‘Man, salute.’”

Gibbs called it “a relief for both” after years of tension stemming from how Gibbs left CTE and lyrical jabs the two had exchanged in the time since. He said, “We exchanged numbers and we both got on a plane and that was it. It was one of the most beautiful things ever. I been put it behind me, but I had to see him. And then when you look back, man, it wasn’t really nothing. That was f*cking a music disagreement. I didn’t really have nothing against Jeezy; I looked up to Jeezy. Jeezy is one of my favorite rappers. I learned a lot from him. I learned how to really carry myself in this rap game by being around him. So I think that was just a misunderstanding, a miscommunication.”

Fred took responsibility for his part in how things escalated, saying, “I think what really set me off is when they asked him about me publicly. I wish he would have just deflected that. But then I took that sh*t too far. I look at that situation as another learning experience.” More recently, though, he credited Jeezy with showing him “I could be a f*cking boss” on the song “Rabbit Vision” from his new album Soul Sold Separately, which is out now on Warner Records. You can watch the full Bootleg Kev interview up top and listen to his new album here.

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. .