French Montana Addresses The ‘Curse From The Kardashians’ On His New Song, ‘Alcatraz’

French Montana’s new song, “Alcatraz” features the rapper sharing small anecdotes over his life and career. Throughout the track, Montana proclaims, “I’m expensive every day, I ain’t free tomorrow.” Rife with metaphors, similes, and somewhat clever wordplay, “Alcatraz” is a typical Montana track.

Perhaps a standout line is where Montana likens himself to Kanye West, saying, “I feel like Ye through the car crash / Feel like Ye ’cause me and Ye killed the curse from the Kardashians.” In case you forgot, Montana and Khloe Kardashian dated on and off between 2013 and 2014.

Other one-liners may elicit a chuckle, like “Word to 112, my life ain’t peachy,” but lines like “She lied on her booty, that’s an ass cap / I asked her, what’s her sign, she said CashApp,” may trigger an awkward grimace. At the end of the song, Montana teased a new installment in his Mac & Cheese mixtape series, saying, “Ride big V’s like the G house / Montega in the flash, Mac & Cheese 5.”

The song’s music video, directed by Montana and Zay Jones, shows Montana rapping as police bag a body, and toward the end, the rapper is seen standing behind fire arranged in lettering reading “CB,” referring to Montana’s Coke Boyz crew.

Check out “Alcatraz” above.