Guru’s Son Raps His Verses In Gang Starr’s Nostalgic ‘Bad Name’ Video Featuring Spice Adams

Guru’s son Keith Casim and internet comedian Spice Adams guest star in the nostalgic video for “Bad Name,” Gang Starr’s second single from their long-awaited farewell album, One Of The Best Yet. The video finds DJ Premier pitching the new record to Adams over the phone with Adams in his fan-favorite “playa uncle” persona. Adams offers to fly Premier out to play him the album, so Premier brings along the perfect traveling partner: His late partner’s son, who is Guru’s splitting image — after a haircut to remove his shaggy locs and the addition of the iconic Gang Starr ball cap. KC appeared in the first video from the new album, “Family And Loyalty,” as well.

The rest of the video sees Keith rapping his father’s verses in what looks like a museum — a fitting location, as Gang Starr’s pioneering records are worthy of recognition in the annals of hip-hop history. While it may be a little odd to see the 20-year-old Keith rhyming about old-school legends who died before he was even born — Guru himself passed when Keith was just 9 years old — and echoing his father’s sentiment that “nowadays hip-hop has got a bad name,” it’s also a touching tribute to the memory of an MC who has contributed so much to the game.

One Of The Best Yet is out now via TTT/Gang Starr Enterprises, LLC. Get it here.