GloRilla’s New York Concert Stampede Resulted In At Least Two Deaths And Eight Injuries, So Far

Unfortunately, concert fatalities aren’t a new occurrence in live music (i.e. the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in 2021). As event promoters and venues ramp up their programming efforts following the loosening of COVID protocol, paired with the excitement many concertgoers have when it comes to seeing their favorite acts live, injuries are becoming more and more common.

Grammy-nominated rapper GloRilla is the latest act to be at the center of a concert-related tragedy. Yesterday, news broke that after a stampede during the recording artist’s Sunday night (March 5) concert at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York, one concertgoer was tragically killed. Now, according to the Associated Press, the death toll has increased to two while the reported injuries round out to eight so far.

The Memphis native took to Twitter to share her prayers for those injured during her show, writing, “I’m just now hearing about what happened. Wtf! I’m praying everybody is ok.”

GloRilla then went on to add, “I am devastated & heartbroken over the tragic deaths that happened after Sunday’s show. My fans mean the world to me. Praying for their families & for a speedy recovery of everyone affected.”

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans issued a statement regarding the incident. “[The fatal stampede is] totally unacceptable,” said Mayor Evans, adding “We are going to hold people accountable for what happened last night, period. I intend to get to the bottom of this.”