A Gospel Grammy Nominee Nearly Got Kicked Off A Flight After She Just Couldn’t Stop Herself From Singing On The Plane

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm had a pretty great day recently: She’s a member of the group Maverick City Music, which just earned 2024 Grammy nominations for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song (for “God Problems”) and Best Gospel Album (for The Maverick Way). (The group also performed with Quavo during the Grammy’s “In Memoriam” segment earlier this year.) How she decided to celebrate, though, raised some eyebrows.

In a video that Storm shared on Instagram on November 10 (last Friday, the day the Grammy nominations were announced), she’s on a plane, standing in the aisle, being scolded by a flight attendant, who told her, “If you’re not able to follow my instructions, you will not be able to take this flight.”


Storm obliges, then tells her fellow passengers about the Grammy nods before singing “We Can’t Forget Him” quietly.

A spokesperson for Delta told USA Today, “Delta has been in contact with the customer. For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”

In the caption of her post, Storm wrote, “At the end of the day God is glorified!!!! Tell me, how are you choosing love on purpose??? Blessings to you all from your #FearlessFlightSinger [winking emoji] #WeCantForgetHim #TheMaverickWay.”

Not everybody was on board with her stunt, though. One Instagram commenter wrote, “This is one of the most egotistical things I’ve ever seen. You think because you’re Grammy nominated that rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage? Work on that ego sis.” Another said, “You were completely in the wrong, and I hope you ended up on the no fly list.”