Guapdad 4000 Looks For A Waifu In ‘Anime Shawty, Vol. 2’ With Lil Ricefield And Seiji Oda

The days when openly professing your love for Japanese animation and catgirl maids would get you roasted by your friends and family aren’t all the way gone, but we’ve come a long way. Now, rappers like Guapdad 4000 can proudly feature on tongue-in-cheek songs name-dropping shows like Michiko & Hatchin while searching for a potential paramour with the same hobby. That’s pretty much the premise of Lil Ricefield’s “Anime Shawty, Vol. 2” which features Guapdad and Seiji Oda. Guapdad embraces his inner weeb with his fellow Oakland rappers, who are Japanese-American brothers and first broke out with their song “Trapanese.”

The goofy video features the three rappers making earnest overtures to their dream girls while surrounded by Pokemon plushies and exuberant cosplaying cuties as cherry blossom leaves fall in front of the camera (an anime staple) and blocky Japanese characters flash across the screen. Everybody seems to be having a blast and keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing, although Guap maintains his usual high lyrical standard, even with the silly subject matter.

Of course, the Too Short-approved Oakland native is no stranger to letting his stranger sensibilities have free rein to hilarious effect. While his original “Alpha” video also embraced an anime-inspired aesthetic, the video for its remix found him adopting the “Permit Patrick” persona to poke fun at suburban denizens with 9-1-1 on speed dial.

Watch the “Anime Shawty, Vol. 2” video above.