Guapdad 4000 Is A ‘Permit Patrick’ In His Hilarious ‘Alpha’ Remix Video

Oakland rapper Guapdad 4000 has developed a reputation for being one of the funniest personalities in hip-hop — as befits his entry to the game via some truly hilarious social media clips. Between his social media and clever music video treatments, every Guapdad release is guaranteed to be a side-splitting experience and his latest video is no exception. Remixing his new single “Alpha” with Flint, Michigan rapper Bfb Da Packman (who you’ve probably seen in his own gut-busting “Northside Ghetto Soulja” video), Guapdad turns into an eye-popping performance as “Permit Patrick,” a riff on the recent phenomenon of “Karens” running rampant.

As the two rappers throw a truly ridiculous party for their latest video shoot, Guapdad — in full “whiteface” as a busybody suburbanite — interrupts the festivities to demand some paperwork. Considering how many of his videos involve him trying to “finam” his way into a video shoot, it’s a smart departure that continues his gift for giggle-inducing sight gags and improvisational humor.

Thanks to “Alpha,” Guapdad is ending his year on a high note after raising his profile considerably with his Falcon Fridays releases and Rona Raps Instagram videos. Along with the hysterical video for “Lil Scammer That Could” featuring Denzel Curry, his star turn on the Dreamville Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation (including the video for “Don’t Hit Me Right Now“), and the Platinum Falcon Tape and Platinum Falcon Returns EPs, the Scamboy is heating up heading into the new year.

Watch the “Alpha” remix video above.