Guapdad 4000 Continues His ‘Falcon Fridays’ Series With His New Song, ‘Platinum Falcon’

If there’s one person the coronavirus can’t stop, it’s Guapdad 4000. The Bay Area rapper quickly found a solution to the isolation and probable boredom that came with the virus, that being a collaborative rap series with a few of his rapper friends. Announced on his social media pages a couple of days ago, the rap series, coined ‘Rona Raps,’ would allow him to still work with his peers without putting himself at risk. Guapdad would send a fellow rapper a beat that he or fans would pick and then each artist would record themselves on camera rapping over it. He would then merge the videos as one and post it for the fans’ enjoyment.

Another note about the Rona Raps series is that it would precede another series Guapdad has in progress. Sticking to the high-fashion alliteration that he used repeatedly in his career, Falcon Fridays finds him releasing new music on a weekly basis and today he shares his latest single, “Platinum Falcon.” Adding a twist to his Ferragamo Falcom alter ego, “Platinum Falcon” arrives a week after sharing “Greedy” with fans. The song is propelled by female-led chants that let listeners know what to expect from the Platinum Falcon.

Stay tuned for Guapdad’s Rona Raps episode next week, which is set to feature Smino, and the following Falcon Fridays release as well.

Listen to “Platinum Falcon” above.