Gucci Mane Offered B.G. A $1 Million Deal Following False News Of His Prison Release

Gucci Mane has offered rapper B.G. after news broke falsely announcing his release from prison.

B.G., who has been in prison since 2012 on charges of gun possession and witness tampering, was rumored to have been released early from his 14-year sentence, after rapper Birdman had allegedly revealed on Instagram Live that B.G. was set to be released in “a few weeks.”

Throughout the course of the past week, rumors circulated that BG had arrived home, notably after a man who looks like B.G. was seen in a video coming out of prison and hugging their family members.

The rumors later turned out to be false, however, before Gucci was made aware, he took to Twitter to offer B.G. a deal under his 1017 record label.

“My 1017 family help me welcome home the living legend @BGHollyHood !” said Gucci in a tweet, which contained a picture of an incarcerated B.G. “Glad u home bruh! Got so much love and respect for u as a man and artist! Get at me, I got a milli for u! Wanna sign u to 1017!!!!! #1017Mafia”

Gucci’s tweet has since been deleted, and B.G. is still slated to serve his prison sentence until 2024, as reported by VladTV.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. .