Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Wants His Own ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Lil Nas X‘s “Old Town Road” has been no. 1 on the Billboard charts since the snow melted, and you can’t blame every celebrity for wanting to get in on this massive cultural moment. The “Old Town Road” remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus is perhaps the best-known iteration of the song (who knew Billy Ray had bars?), and Diplo’s EDM remix of the song is a staple in every SoulCycle class in America. Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo are certainly enough middle aged white men for one rap track, but celebrity chef Guy Fieri argues as to why he should get his own remix of the song.

“Is it too late for a Flavor Town Road Remix @LilNasX?,” Fieri tweeted Thursday night. His suggestion is enough to send one’s mind spinning. How would Fieri’s enthusiasm for bold flavors change the content of the song? If Billy Ray Cyrus “spends a lot of money on his brand new guitar,” what would Fieri spend a lot of money on? A perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet?

Fieri also included an image of himself riding alongside the three horses on the single art. Fieri makes a good case, and his social media manager deserves a big holiday bonus.