Gwen Stefani’s Live Music Video For ‘Make Me Like You’ Is A Sight To See

Gwen Stefani performed the first ever “live music video” for her latest single, “Make Me Like You,” during a 2016 Grammys commercial break. The singer began the 4-minute-long video decked out in a black and white striped dress before changing into a black outfit and kimono (throwing back to her Harajuku Girls days), followed by more costume changes into a sequined black jacket, fur jacket, and a white bowtied skirt respectively — all without losing a breath. Finally, Stefani steps into roller skates while continuing the performance. Unfortunately, she got tripped up during this segment, but her backup dancers (backup skaters?) picked her up and she soldiered on to complete the song in a ruffled red dress without losing a beat. Somehow this all occurred live to air in one take.

The Target-sponsored music video is part of the rollout for This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is her first album in 10 years, following 2006’s The Sweet Escape. While the former No Doubt lead singer’s previous single for the album, “Use To Love You,” was a melancholy kiss-off to former beau Gavin Rossdale, “Make Me Like You” falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s a celebration of love and has a sound hearkening back to Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and The Sweet Escape, which is not surprising given her recent relationship with another recent divorcee, Blake Shelton, a fellow coach on The Voice.

Stefani’s certainly been welcomed back with open arms, and hopefully she can recapture her glory days. After hearing “Used To Love You” and “Make Me Like You,” there’s much promise for This Is What the Truth Feels and pop music would be better off if it delivers.