Fans Compare Halle Bailey To Solange After She Fiercely Defends Her Sister Chloe From An Online Troll

It’s natural that sister act Chloe X Halle draws comparisons to Beyonce since they’re signed to the pop queen’s management company Parkwood Entertainment. However, today, they’re drawing a different sort of comparison after younger sister Halle Bailey fiercely defended her older sister Chloe from a Twitter troll’s criticism, reminding fans of Beyonce’s own younger sister Solange’s staunch support of Beyonce.

Paying a backhanded compliment to the elder Bailey sister, the Twitter comment read, “I feel like Chloe Bailey is cute but y’all be overhyping shawty.” When Halle caught wind of the offending tweet, she responded sweetly, “Girl, let’s not start. Be blessed!! God loves you too!!!” And although the words — and the accompanying collection of angelic and shushing emojis — came across as “nice,” the Little Mermais star thinly veiled the implied threat behind them: Don’t start none, won’t be none. The offending tweet was apparently deleted and the original poster locked their account.

The banter instantly set fans buzzing, shooting “Halle” onto Twitter’s trending topics, and prompting fans to recall the bond between the Knowles sisters and Solange’s method of defending her sister. Of course, in that instance, rather than exchanging words with the offending party, Solange resolved to speak with her hands, resulting in the infamous elevator confrontation with Jay-Z and a half-dozen bars on the next three projects from Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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