Twitter Is On A Mission To Protect Chloe Bailey At All Costs After Her Tearful Videos

Earlier today, Chloe Bailey hopped on Instagram Live to address some “backlash” to the self-confident videos she’s been posting to her social media lately. People perked up when her emotional performance of “Forgive Me” at the end of last year indicated a shift in the polished young star, and when her “Buss It” viral challenge dropped, conversations about her body and sexuality reached a fever pitch. Add in another casual Instagram post at home in a t-shirt and underwear, and apparently the chatter got to Chloe, because she was emotional in her Live, saying it was hard for her to grapple with the idea of herself as “sexual” at all, and detailing her own journey with self-confidence in her body.

But never fear, in this case Twitter is completely on Chloe’s side over the ridiculous claims that she shouldn’t dance and perform in whatever clothing she wants, whenever she pleases. There has rarely been a musician so universally defended as a wonderful person, or who elicited this kind of protective energy from the sometimes prickly power users who make Twitter what it is. But everyone from musicians to comedians had something positive to say about the young singer. Hopefully this will help her drown out the haters. Check out some responses below.