Halsey Impersonated Ariana Grande And Cardi B While Performing ‘Without Me’

With the massive success of “Without Me” and “Nightmare,” Halsey is officially a pop queen in her own right. But the singer took some time to acknowledge her iconic peers in a hilarious new interview with Capital FM.

Host Roman Kemp challenged the singer to perform her single “Without Me” as a game of musical charades. Could Halsey make Kemp guess what other pop legend she was impersonating with just a few bars?

Honestly, Halsey shouldn’t pursue a career in impersonations anytime soon, since all her impressions just sounded like Halsey (and Kemp had a hard time guessing who she was supposed to be). But the interview is still fun and very cute, with Halsey doing her best impersonations of Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and others.

Halsey’s Ariana says “yuh yuh yuh” at the end of every verse — not entirely wrong there — and her Justin Bieber has moves so impressive Kemp guessed she was trying to act like Britney Spears. The highlight of the video is watching Halsey do her best Cardi B, firing off “thinkin’ / you / could live / without / me!” as a rap, complete with Cardi’s signature trill at the end. No one’s gonna be mistaking her for Cardi B anytime soon, but Halsey still gets an A for effort.

Watch Halsey give her best impression of the pop legends above.