How To Find Your Apple Music Replay

It’s that time of year again. Time to look back and reflect on our favorite music of 2023. And thankfully, streaming data makes it easy to do so.

Today (November 28), Apple Music users can see their Apple Music Replay — an interactive summary of their listening habits over the course of the past year. Apple Music Replay will show listeners their most played albums, songs, artists, and genres of the year. They can also see the amount of time they’ve spent listening to music.

To see their Apple Music Replay, Apple Music users must first open the Apple Music App. From there, they will receive a prompt on-screen to look at their Apple Music Replay.

Should a prompt not appear on screen, Apple Music users can also look at their Apple Music Replay by clicking here.

Granted, at any point in the year, Apple Music Users can see a playlist of their most played songs by opening up the Apple Music app, clicking the Listen Now icon at the bottom of the screen, then scrolling down to the Replay section. This playlist is said to update every Sunday from the beginning of each calendar year, until the end.

Apple Music users can also see their replay playlists from previous years.