J. Cole’s ‘Kevin’s Heart’ Video Features Kevin Hart Reckoning With Last Year’s Cheating Scandal

J. Cole has released a video for “Kevin’s Heart,” starring none other than Kevin Hart, which you can watch above. The video, co-directed by Cole and Scott Lazer, re-imagines how Kevin might have reckoned with the world learning that he cheated on his pregnant wife last year.

We see the high-profile comedian navigate the grocery store and a white tablecloth restaurant, but no matter where he goes, he either faces judgmental stares or women who come on to him, which makes him feel increasingly self-conscious. (Blink and you’ll miss Cole, a new parent himself, struggle to fold down a stroller just one aisle away from Kevin at, welp, a baby store.) Only one person acts kindly toward Kevin, inside the bathroom of that restaurant. Unfortunately, that man didn’t wash his hands after using the urinal. “He didn’t wash his hands,” Kevin mutters. “I got dick hands on my jacket now.”

Cole may be critical toward younger rappers in his new album KOD, in tracks like “1985.” Lil Pump recently responded as if Cole called him out directly, saying, “Wow, you get so much props. You dissed a 17-year-old. Lame ass ‘jit.” But with his “Kevin’s Heart” video, Cole successfully turns Hart into a sympathetic figure.