Ja Rule Is Fed Up With Fyre Festival Jokes After Getting Trolled About His XFL Tweets

Ja Rule is — understandably — fed up with getting roasted online over his involvement with the disastrous Fyre Festival. It seems that he can barely make a move or share a thought without some users turning his every post into a chance to needle him over Fyre’s failure — probably because Fyre seemed like such a bad investment to begin with and partly because Ja seemingly makes an easy target after 50 Cent spent a decade-plus shooting digs at his rival. But Ja’s had it up to here and he’s not going to take it anymore, according to his responses to the latest round of jokes at his expense.

While watching the debut of the new XFL football league over the weekend, Ja was impressed enough to tweet that the league seemed to be off to a strong start. That was all it took to kick off the latest round of trolls, who descended on the tweet with Fyre jokes aplenty. “Welp. It was fun while it lasted,” tweeted one user. Another joked that Ja would eventually try to bring his own team to the XFL: “Coming in 2021: The Queens Fyre.”


Well, Rule was not happy. He lashed out at both users in separate tweets, letting them know that he wasn’t here for those kinds of games. “Let me let all you fucking clowns know something it’s all cool wit the Fyre jokes but there ain’t no fucking sucker over here…” he replied to one. To the other, he menaced, “Watch your mouth before you get parked punk… keep playing with me I’m a get to slapping earth wind and FYRE out you clowns!!!”

It seems pretty unlikely that his threats will work; after all, the main reason folks on Twitter make such jokes is the protection they’re afforded by anonymity (and the sheer volume of comments). That said, there’s a valuable lesson in all this for Ja and it’s the oldest one in the book: Never tweet.