Jack Harlow And Dave Embrace Their Status As Seasoned Professionals In Their ‘Stop Giving Me Advice’ Video

Worlds are colliding on Jack Harlow and Dave‘s new Lyrical Lemonade collaboration. Tonight (December 8), Louisville native Harlow has teamed up with UK rapper Dave on their breezy new cut, “Stop Giving Me Advice.”

On the song, Harlow reflects on a rapid rise to stardom. Having been through the motions of a hip-hop artist and pop star, Harlow already knows the game well, and is not here for anyone’s unsolicited input.

“Have you ever had to hide where exactly you reside? / Have you been to the Waffle House on Northside? / Have you ever made a popstar wanna be your bride? / Have you hugged someone and they cried? / Have you had your heroes sit you down and give you the guide? / Have you ever spoken somethin’ into existence / Or do you just talk about other people’s lives?,” raps Harlow on his verse.

While Harlow is still reckoning with the price of fame, Dave reflects on his past relationships, and how his lifestyle has affected those.

“You left somebody that you love at the bottom of a mountain? / ‘Cah they afraid to climb it, have you changed your climate? / Had her Insta’ and made her change to private? / Had her fly economy and make her change to private?,” raps Dave.

In the accompanying video, directed by Cole Bennett, the two rock black suits with vibrant yellow ties throughout a town, where they seem to be the only inhabitants.

You can see the video for “Stop Giving Me Advice” above.

Jack Harlow is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.