Third Man Records’ Support Of The Black Keys’ New Single Confirms The Band’s Jack White Beef Is Squashed

Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Nowadays, it seems like most music feuds happen in the world of hip-hop: Perhaps the most famous recent example is the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Meanwhile, there aren’t as many feuds in the rock realm as of late, although if there’s one from the past decade or so that stands out, it’s the tension between Jack White and The Black Keys.

That beef was apparently squashed a couple years ago, but in case you weren’t convinced, there’s some new evidence that seems to confirm that all is well between the two parties. Today, the Black Keys released “Lo/Hi,” their first new song in five years, and White’s Third Man Records has offered an unsolicited public note of support: On Twitter and Instagram, Third Man shared the band’s new song “Lo/Hi” and captioned the posts, “More evidence that Nashville rock n roll is alive and well. Congrats on the new music, @theblackkeys!” The Black Keys have not responded, but they did retweet the tweet, a sign that they’re appreciative of the praise.

The feud began in 2010, when White slighted The Black Keys when he told Rolling Stone, “I’m a lot more to do with Jay-Z than the Black Keys.” The feud was apparently resolved in 2015, though, as Patrick Carney tweeted, “Talked to jack for an hour he’s cool. All good.” Shortly after, Third Man Records tweeted, “‘From one musician to another, you have my respect Patrick Carney.’ -Jack White.” In 2017, Karen Elson, who was previously married to white and later collaborated with Carney, responded to an article that suggested there was still drama between the two parties, writing in a tweet, “it’s your friendly fact checker, no drama or anything close to what you’re writing about. These people are friends end of story.”

In other news, Jack White recently donated money to help save a Negro League ballpark in Detroit, and last month, Carney announced the debut album from a new band of his, Sad Planets.