Jack White Appears As ‘The Third Man’ In This Cut For Time SNL Sketch

The new tradition on Sunday mornings for anyone who watches late night TV is to scour the internet for the cut scenes from Saturday Night Live. The sketch comedy show has gotten a lot of steam out of filming scenes for the show, cutting them for time, then releasing them online the next day. It’s a great marketing strategy that invigorates the brand, recycles existing content and offers up something of an Easter egg hunt for fans.

The latest skit to get the cut was a parody of a wedding reception featuring none other than Mr. Jack White himself on guitar. The premise is simple: a normal wedding reception with normal people giving cliche speeches about the bride and groom when suddenly, Jack White appears. Yes, the Jack White shows up. He is not playing a character. Jack plays a gold guitar and is wearing a very handsome sequined suit coat which we didn’t see him wear anywhere else in the episode. We won’t give away much more than that, you’ll have to watch yourself.

This was the third time White was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and he’s starting to look mighty comfortable on that stage. Maybe, by his fourth appearance, he’ll appear in a skit that doesn’t get cut for time. Or perhaps, do like Donald Glover and handle both host and musical guest duties.

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