Jaden Smith Sheds A Tear For Love In His Nostalgic ‘Ninety’ Video

Jaden Smith is back with the new video for his Syre standout “Ninety,” two and half years after the debut album’s initial release. The video opens with the subtitle, “This is a twisted love story,” and tracks the young rapper as he roams a desolate landscape reminiscing about a lost love at either dawn or dusk. Flashbacks of Jaden’s good times with his paramour flash between his solo wanderings, with occasional captions detailing his state of mind.

Syre was a surprise breakout in 2017, garnering a highly engaged fanbase of enthusiastic supporters in its wake, which he leveraged on a slew of impressive tours and festival performances, including one alongside his dear old dad, Will Smith, at Coachella. Jaden followed up Syre two years later, introducing a dark alter ego with Erys and solidifying his newfound stardom into something of a veteran position among the under-30 hip-hop set. He closed out 2019 with a joint tour alongside his sister Willow then went radio silent for much of 2020, aside from sporadic examples of his signature, mysterious tweets. However, last week he determined that it was time for a “re-up” of his merch collection from his Syre era, and to celebrate, gifted fans the latest video from the project — if not the last.

Watch Jaden’s “Ninety” video above.